Toy Ages

Toy Ages

Looking for the perfect toy and not sure what's right for your child's age? Here are a few pointers we like to give to folks shopping for toys or accessories when they are uncertain what to select or what is age appropriate.

Choking Hazards
Most toy ages are written directly on the packaging of a toy. In the case of a packageless item, the general rule of thumb for kid's toys is that if it can easily fit through the tube of a roll of toilet paper then it is a choking hazard. Small parts should not be given to any child under the age of 3 or even children over 3 who have not yet stopped putting toys in their mouths. Many of the toys you'll find available at Fiddlesticks are listed as age 3+. Shop toys for ages 0-2 here.

Ignoring The Age Labels
Some products, especially toys that involve more developed fine motor skills such as crafting or sewing kits have ages usually about age 6 or older. We often get questions like "my four year is so crafty, but this item says ages 7+. Do you think it would be okay to get it for them?" Manufacturers often choose ages based on the complexity for fine motor skills required to successfully and independently accomplish the end result advertised on the box. If you choose to ignore the age suggestion on the box, just be prepared to need to sit with your child to help them complete the kit puzzle, or game. Shop craft supplies here.

Toys For Age 2+
Toys listed for ages 2+ are some of the most exciting items in the store! At this age, children ares soaring through toddlerhood as they pass from infancy into being a full blown KID! Kids are that recommended for 2+ are often catered to helping them accomplish so many new skills like coordination, sequencing, posting/lacing, or sorting. Our favorite gift for a children turning 2 are beginner puzzles! Shop puzzles here.

Shopping For Big Kids
Sometimes people are hesitant to purchase items that age a lower age on them for an older child. Keep in mind, many age labels are advising choking hazard safety, but a toy listed 3+ doesn't necessarily mean an older child --or even an adult-- wouldn't want to play with it. Many of our stuffed animals, classic games or crafting kits have been purchased by adults, for adults. Let your inner child out to play! Shop stuffies here

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Toy Ages


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