Demystifying Children's Clothing Sizes

Demystifying Children's Clothing Sizes

We know that trying to figure out what size clothing to buy for your child can to be tricky -- especially when shopping online! We've assembled a few answers and guides to some of our most commonly asked questions. From European size conversion charts to how specific brands fit, we've got you covered!

Boys vs Girls Clothing
Why does everything have to be gendered? We totally understand this frustration and encourage our customers to shop our whole selection of items to find something you love regardless of gender specifications from the brand. However, gendered classifications on clothing can speak to cut, sizing, length, or other details about the fit of a garment that may be helpful to your search. Generally, items designed for girls may be cut skinnier or shorter than boys items and this information could help inform your purchase. Clothes on our website are usually tagged with a "boy," "girl," or "gender neutral" tag only so you can better understand the fit. 

Links to gender categories:
Shop Boys
Shop Girls
Shop Gender Neutral
Shop Baby Boy
Shop Baby Girl
Shop Baby Gender Neutral

Pajamas are not designed to fit loose for safety reasons. It is recommended you purchase fitted pajamas with a tiny bit of stretch in the fabric so there is still room to grow while still being safe. Click here to shop pajamas.

Similar to pajamas, swimwear should fit close to the body for safety. Excessive loose fabric around your body is not safe for water. Fortunately, most swimsuits come with stretchy fabric and elastic to accommodate a bit of growth. Click here to shop baby swim or click here to shop kid's swim.

What's the difference between a size 2T and a size 2?
Not much! The "T" is nothing more than a brand choice. Some brands use the T which stands for "toddler" to indicate certain clothing sizes, however, we list all of our 2+ clothing as standard number sizes 2-8. Occasionally items will be listed as XS-XL in which case the listing will include a size chart. 

How do I decipher non American sizing?
The most common non American way to size clothing is the European standard of labeling the garment with the centimeter height of the child the garment is intended for. To save you from having to pull out your measuring tape to figure out what to purchase, we convert all the sizing for you with our standard 2-8 sizing. When you shopping in store, check the price tag vs the garment tag to see the American sizing equivalent.

Shoe Sizes
The only type of "shoe" we currently sell are soft sole baby booties, but it's worth mentioning that shoe size and age are not as equivalent as age and clothing size. We highly recommend trying shoes on whenever possible. Generally, to support good gross motor development, shoes or booties should be well fitting and not sized up to help baby develop solid walking skills. Click here to shop baby booties.

How does (insert brand) fit?
We find most of the brands we carry runs true to size, but here's some feedback we've had from customers over the years.

Rylee & Cru
This brand runs true to size and since many garments are designed with a loose,casual fit, we find this brand has a lot of longevity for your child's wardrobe. Click here to shop Rylee & Cru or click here to see a full size chart from Rylee & Cru. 

This brand tends to run skinny which is great for tall, slim kids. Click here to shop Appaman or click here to see full size charts from Appaman.

Tea Collection
Overall this brand runs true to size except for leggings which many find run small. For baby sizes on kids with those precious chunky thighs, we recommend purchasing leggings 2 sizes up. Click here to shop Tea Collection or click here to see full size charts from Tea Collection.


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