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At Fiddlesticks, we care about our community and know that it's important to Give Back.

Fiddlesticks believes that every kid deserves a special chance to shine. That’s why we have started our own local program to empower and support kids of all kinds to grow up to be whatever they want to be in a healthy and educated environment.

We support local schools through our “It’s In The Bag” program. When San Francisco introduced a mandated 10 cent shopping bag fee in 2013, we saw an opportunity to bring together our customers and our local school community. We now charge 50 cents per bag, and all the funds generated from shopping bag sales within a two week period are matched by Fiddlesticks, sealed with a kiss, and donated to a local school.

We work with schools in San Francisco from September through May. Are you interested in having your school participate? Sign ‘em up below!

A note on our bags: these eye-catchers are made in the USA of 100% recycled content. Save the trees for the birds! They’re printed with a very Fiddlesticks spin on San Francisco icons: our love letter to the city. Come by the shop and you’ll see: we’ll even whip one up into a pretty nifty gift bag for you.


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