About Us


A Children's Clothing and Toy Store

We believe that being a kid is fun and the clothes they wear while doing it should be fun too. There’s no need to drag your littles through crowded stores where they get in trouble for exploring. Kids deserve funky, stylish clothes that can survive playtime and adventures and look cute while doing it. To anyone who says otherwise we say Fiddlesticks!

We believe in well made, creativity inspiring clothes that are made with kids who use a playground in mind. We’re always searching for fresh takes on classic kid’s toys, books and clothes to provide your little one with gear & fun that inspires their imagination. Come visit us online or at our shop in San Francisco for a shopping experience that actually encourages playing and will always have what you’re looking for. Heck, we’re pretty sure you’ll be wishing we made clothes in your size.


Who are we?

We are a team of dedicated and just really fun people who love what we do- that’s who! Come meet our team…


Elizabeth Leu

Owner & Director of Fun

Elizabeth started the Fiddlestick's brand in 2002 when she saw a need in the market for a children's store and inherently felt that opening a store is what she had been building up to do. Elizabeth is a mom of two children (mom-preneur, if you will) and is constantly bringing brands and products to the store to inspire creativity and spark the bright, fun and cheerful parts of life- reminding everyone who comes into  Fiddlestick how great it is to be a kid!