Face Mask - Fancy Tiger Teal

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Mask is open on the side (for filters) and will have a lining fabric different from your chosen fabric so that you can identify which side of the mask faces out and which one faces in. 100% Cotton.

SIZE Guide

XS - 3.5" from nose to cheek, 7" elastic for each ear (age 3-7)
S - 3.5" from nose to cheek, 8" elastic for each ear (tween/young teen)

CARE INSTRUCTIONS: Machine wash warm/ hot water (in a garment bag) / lay flat to dry. No garment bag? Hand wash warm/ hot water and lay flat to dry. Do NOT put in the dryer. Fabric is NOT preshrunk. 100% cotton.

ALL SALES FINAL: Masks may not be returned or exchanged. Any concerns or complaints need to be placed within 5 business days of receipt.

Disclaimer: this home-made face mask is not a substitute or replacement for conventional and approved Personal Protective Equipment (“PPE”). It is not certified to N95 or any other OSHA or other standards. These items are sold “as is” and without recourse or liability.

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