Adjustable Kid Face Mask - Sirena Black

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Mask is open on the side (for filters) and will have a lining fabric different from your chosen fabric so that you can identify which side of the mask faces out and which one faces in. 100% Cotton.

The fit is 3.5" from nose to cheek with an adjustable strap. It is ideal for ages 3 to 12.

CARE INSTRUCTIONS: Machine wash warm/ hot water (in a garment bag) / lay flat to dry. No garment bag? Hand wash warm/ hot water and lay flat to dry. Do NOT put in the dryer. Fabric is NOT preshrunk. 100% cotton.

ALL SALES FINAL: Masks may not be returned or exchanged. Any concerns or complaints need to be placed within 5 business days of receipt.

FUN TIP: Coffee filters & paper towels make good filters!

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