School Bag Program

We think education and schools in our community are a great place to give-back to. With that in mind, we have decided to create the School Bag Program and put it in effect at all of our locations. Here's how it works, if you want a bag for your purchase, you pay 25 cents and then we'll match your 25 cents making the value of that bag, 50 cents. That entire amount is then donated to a local school, public or private. This amount adds up, so at the end of each month a different school will receive a donation from all of us. 

Each month we will have a new school "in session" so every time that a purchase is made, we are all giving back.

Have a school that wants to be involved? That's great! You can sign up here using our form. Please keep in mind that we get a lot of requests and we won't be able to work with every school, but we will try our best to fit your school into our program!


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