Timber Tumble

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Are you able to remove as many tree stumps as possible from the dam without dropping the beaver? The game 'Plan Toys Timber Tumble' consists of a wooden u-shape in which the various stumps are stacked with the beaver on top. Each time they are stacked differently: it is a matter of feeling and trying to see which stump is easy to remove. HOW DOES IT WORK? Remove the stumps one by one until the little beaver falls down. The person who can keep the beaver on the dam is the winner. It's a variation on the well-known game Jenga. The stumps can be pushed out with the wooden stick. Or slide the stick through the holes at the top of the u-shape to lift the game. CHARACTERISTICS brand: Plan Toys material: wood dimensions: 19 x 19 x 6 cm. suitable for children from 3 years

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